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Virgin Army Boy Deflowered
by Bret Yerlac
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 155 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-15-8
Men At Work
by Christopher Trevor
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 151pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-17-2
EMT Tryst
by Greg Reese
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 223 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-11-0
by Lew Bull
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-16-5

Michael Wood was still a virgin at 20. He knew he wasn't attracted to women at all and had strong feelings for men, but had never allowed himself to partake in any experimenting with that forbidden sin of the flesh because of the strict religious beliefs he was taught having been raised in a Southern Baptist home. Michael had a lot of religious baggage he carried around on his shoulders daily for years that became a burden to his social development – forbidden sexual desires on the one side and religious taboos on the other. He was a nervous and troubled young man by the time he graduated from Junior College, as here he was still a virgin with forbidden cravings constantly surfacing and making his life miserable.
     So, Michael figured the solution to all his frustrations was to volunteer for the draft and spend the 18 months in the military getting his life in order. He came to the conclusion this would be the cure all to be rid of all the sinful desires that constantly haunted him, they would instantly disappear, because the military environment would make a real man of him. For a short time his plan was successful. He stayed busy and stayed away from situations where he might be tempted to partake in any kind of sexual activity. But now that he was in an all male environment, constantly surrounded by men, his frustrations and desires increased. Even worse, guys were continually hitting on him since he was so attractive and desirable. Keeping himself busy and isolated wasn't working anymore. Little by little his defenses tumbled.
     Enter Staff Sergeant Axel Wood, a big muscled black guy that kept a lustful eye on PFC Michael Hunt. After months of trying to coax the beautiful young blue eyed blond into his private room, Staff Sergeant Axel Wood finally, through trickery and the help of a black bro, was successful. That eventful day Michael's life changed forever. He was turned on to the sexual demands of a dominant black man. A long succession of affairs eventually brought new meaning to the word love to both Michael and Sarge.

Once more Christopher Trevor has woven a tale of tickle torture for me and this time he has included his villainous buddy the Poet Dreamer as a tickle villain. Timmy Backman, as a banker, lawyer and businessman… it is one thing to find myself in a myriad of sexy ticklish predicaments. However, as a military man, (army reservist to be exact) I should never allow myself to be lured into those predicaments in the first place. But, even when upon the slight chance I should let my military guard down and find myself at the mercy of a mad tickle fiend, my military background should allow me to stand up to such torture. I guess you'll have to read and see what happens to Major Timmy Backman... it's awful! Well, except for the reader.

When Craig McFadden joined up with Ladder Company 49, he also began joining up with Tim Johnson every Thursday night.  For eight years they’d meet, get it on then sneak away like a couple of married men working the down-low, even though neither one of them was.  And then one night, while en route to his tryst with Tim, Craig accidentally ran down his gorgeous new neighbor, the incredibly perfect Bill West. Well one thing lead to another…and then another…and then – once Craig’s fantasies about his daddy of a company captain, Big Jim, and the workings of the lovely but manipulative Matt and the sight of Michael McKinley's perfect Irish ass got mingled into the fray – things began to take a serious turn for the seriously sexy.  Ah…the trysts of an EMT slut.

Cocktales is a book with a difference. It contains a collection of erotic short stories that have been inspired by the creation of equally exotic cocktails. Each of the Cocktails is linked to a story which ranges from settings in Japan to Florida and Mexico to Hawaii and from sex on the beach to being seduced while in leathers astride a motorbike.

Make yourself a couple of these exciting cocktails then settle down to an evening’s reading that will get you aroused as you are transported around the world.

BlacknBlue Tavern - Book Three of a Trilogy
by Dan Carroll
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 185 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-05-9
Subs Deliverance
by Anthony Thomas
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 189 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-08-0
323 Kearny
by Greg Bowden
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 213 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-10-3
BlackNBlue Tavern - Book Two of a Trilogy
by Dan Carroll
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 167 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-04-2

At last, the men of the BlackNBlue are about to see their dream of the new complex next door completed and ready for opening after weeks of hard work.
     When one of the city councilmen begins a campaign to stop them and shut down the progress they've made, an unlikely ally steps in from behind the scenes and provides the assistance that's needed to stop this new threat.
     Never ones to turn down any help, not even Fist or Dan could foresee that this new ally would turn out to be someone that they would come to know through one of their own.
     With their friend Mike, now the chief of police, the situation unfolds and develops as he uses every resource at his disposal to try and stop the councilman from destroying their dream from coming true.
     As they're dealing with all of this toward the end of the construction, Fist and Dan hatch a plan for a surprise for everyone at the BlackNBlue that catches all of them off guard as well.
     In this last book of the BlackNBlue trilogy, the action is non-stop and starts out in full gear and never slows down as the men grow closer and discover just how much they've come to depend on not only each other, but how they come to trust others that are not in their inner circle.
     If you thought the first two books tested all of them to their limits, you won't believe what happens in the final one!

Master – A short essay where a boy contemplates his situation, waiting to surrender his body for the first time, and to a man he hardly knows.

Big Sarge – The story of a boy very much into heavy, dirty, use and abuse, but only as a part-time occupation.  Always searching for another high he finds himself in what could be a dangerous situation only to be rescued by one of his tormenters and carried off, happily, to a life of service.

Karl’s Boy – This is another story of a boy seeking heavy use who, like his author, could not submit 24/7.  He is aware that occasionally such use will enable him to fly but never quite attains real fulfilment.
     I’ve only been lucky enough on a few occasions to enter that state of mind through pain and use where you want to laugh and cry with joy while writhing with pain, that merely being an adjunct to your condition.
     Out of the blue, while being thoroughly misused, our boy meets Karl, a supposedly heterosexual young man just seeking a quick release on a Saturday night.   The Gods have different ideas and over the next couple of weeks they connect on the physical, emotional and mental plains and finally settle to, one hopes, a long life together but more as partners rather than full master and slave.

323 Kearny is a San Francisco apartment rented, in 1959, by four married business men who happen also to love the touch of a man. The story revolves around several of those men, especially Tom, a new college graduate who is now taking courses in sex, both the playful, fun kind and the kind that binds men together. It is a love story, set against the beginnings of the gay sexual revolution in San Francisco. When this group of men met and discovered their differences as well as their commonalities, they realized that they had formed a sort of family like none other.  Even though they all loved to fight and wrestle, they knew deep down that there was more to each of them than just the fights.
     Now that the threat of Matilda and Ed has come to an abrupt end with her untimely death, the men of the BlackNBlue Tavern settle down into their respective relationships and their connection with each other.
     Suddenly, however, they find themselves threatened once again only this time the threat is not only against the bar but against all of them as well.  Add to that an unlikely new member of their group and revelations about certain past events and Fist, CJ and the others realize it's time to band together again and prevent the oncoming danger from destroying not only the bar, but themselves as well!
     How do they solve the new threats?  What happens to them when they discover the real truth behind past events?  Who is this new member that joins them and how does he fit into the scene?
     Return with the men of the BlackNBlue and find out just how they keep themselves and the bar from being torn apart...they never expected this turn of circumstances to happen and you can be you won't either!

Top Hats & Jockstraps
by Dutch Roberts
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 155 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-41-5

My Mentor, My Guide
by Blade T Bannon
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 118 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-45-3
Edited by Christopher Trevor
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 163 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-47-7

Tickled Kink
Compiled by
Christopher Trevor
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 158 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-49-1

     "Dutch Roberts' stories give me a pure visual that titillates all my senses. It's like I'm right in the middle of the action." (Tuxmansf aka Tony)
     "The stunning handsome men in their perfect masculine formal attire that are so vividly described by Dutch would be enough in themselves to get your juices flowing, but coupled with his wonderfully twisted plots full of sexual tension and power play and you have a cocktail for some of the most erotic stories you are ever likely to read."

Matt Jordan

     In this day and age, it’s easy to find sex anywhere without any meaningful bond. It’s common and many do it because sex can be so easily separated from love or emotion. It’s as if sex has become just a mechanical act in order to get to a climax. In this modern age of technology, you just get on the computer and “Ordering In” so to speak.  If that’s what you want, and that’s all your in it for, great.  For many men this works just fine, sex is very enjoyable and convenient.  The idea of a meaningful bond is of no importance or simply forgotten. However, in the sexual arena of the BD/SM lifestyle there’s much more that goes into it then a simple staged scene or mechanical act. I’m talking about something more meaningful, “Male bonding at its deepest levels.” The type of bonding that carries the values and traditions of the past. These are life changing experiences that bring men closer and make them stronger.
     If you chose this book in the hope of finding some answers then you’re in the right place. For every book or place that you look always has a golden nugget of wisdom hidden somewhere inside. With that in mind I’m going to tell you what you’re not going to find. If you’re looking for some kind of “how-to” book about how to set up your own dungeon or how to use some easy come-on lines to score a date then you may want to keep looking.  This book explains the deep core issues of male bonding in the BD/SM fetish setting.  It promotes a deeper life experience for those who march to the beat of a different drummer.

     A person, or for the purposes of this book, men are susceptible to blackmail when they unwittingly place themselves, or allow themselves, or get fooled into embarrassing, humiliating situations. Imagine an on duty cop relaxing de-uniformed by a pond in a deserted area not knowing that his nakedness and his lone sexual acts have been caught on video by a motorcycle gang. Think if you will of a porn star who had a tad too much to drink and then is involved in a hit and run, only to have a fanatical fan catch it all on tape. These situations could put men’s jobs, their manhood, their marriages, their very lives at stake...if these situations or predicaments were discovered by others. Imagine a married businessman held as a sex slave in a hotel room while on a business trip.
     A married man should not be caught in any form of sexual or near sexual play with another woman...and a "straight" married man surely should not be put in any sort of homosexual situation.
     The fact that most men are easily stimulated sexually, coupled with the fact that men in general are sexually curious intensifies their sometimes uncontrollable urges, making some of them, celebrities, men in positions of power, and wealthy men especially, a juicy choice for blackmail. Sometimes, paying off a blackmailer can have fewer consequences than if the secret the man is hiding or the secret that he tried so hard to keep under wraps were to be revealed. These facts leave the guy somewhat defenseless against sexy women or men who choose to take advantage of him and his status...and he knows that he must not let his wife find out.  All this can become a blackmail point. He must now succumb to the wishes of these dominant women and men turned blackmailers or have his predicament revealed to his wife or superiors where he is employed. What harrowing blackmail that is indeed...

     Christopher Trevor has brought together a group of tickle authors who have created erotic scenes of forced exhibitionism and control. This collection of stories allows me to once again feed those desires.
-The Boss Man-
     WOW!! Another on a list of hits to "tickle the sole" and edited this time by Christopher Trevor. A good friend and a great author who Co-authored my first story "The Detour." From Christopher Trevor's short stories to his first novel "Timmy's Ticklish Trials" he always keeps those ticklish toes curled. Now with this collection of tickle tales by authors that Christopher Trevor has brought together in one book we are treated to even more diabolical ticklishness. From Timmy Backman once again being tickle thwarted to Mr. Dutch Robert's tale "Down on the Farm" and the sinister "Tickle 'em Almer" by the anonymous cop we are truly left laughing. As you read through the latest ticklish adventures it will be nothing less than spectacular.
-Wayne Colburn-
     This book contains two hot tickle tales by Christopher Trevor's recurring tickle hero/victim Timmy Backman (from the book "Timmy's Ticklish Trials") entitled: "Timmy's Christmas Present" and "Valerie's Second Shot at Timmy." Both of these tales are wickedly charged and deliciously tickly. Also in this book, author of "Top Hats and Jockstraps", Dutch Roberts dazzles us with two tickle tales, "Birthday Suit" and "Down on the Farm." Mr. Roberts uses his wonderfully sinister style to bring these two tickle tales to life. Welcome to new-comer, author Matt, with his devilish tickle tale "My Sadistic Tickling Neighbor Hal" and the editor himself, Mr. Christopher Trevor beguiles our ticklish imagainations with his tales, "Eli meets Dr. Tick Lee" and "Mark's Revenge (OrMaybe Not.") Lastly, the Anonymous Cop who made his debut in the "Blackmail" book offers us a tickle story notably titled "Tickle "Em Almer."

The Tortured Secutor
by Jardonn Smith
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 145 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-33-0

Secret Violent Desires
by Dan Erickson
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 155 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-29-3

Timmy and the Evil Dr. Vonvellicator
by Christopher Trevor
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 167 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-42-2


     In third century Rome being a freedman doesn't exempt you from punishment, even when you've done nothing wrong. Here is the story of a gladiator granted his freedom by an Emperor, only to be caught up in the web of a treacherous patrician whose wife has been murdered. He abducts our hero, tortures him, but soon learns that some men will not talk whether they know the answers or not. Powerful forces are at work for both the good citizens of Rome and the evil. The only question is can one strong man hold out long enough for the good to put their plan into action.     

     This is a book about Mans' desires; from the deep yearning that sends a man on a plane ride for secret meeting with a powerful country-boy-next-door that he's met only through the internet; The homecoming of a man that has been the only human to survive the hostile world of Tredor at a time when Earth and that planet are at war; the unwavering yearning for a troubled friend on the wrestling team that would fulfill the deepest forbidden desires that only a man can make for another man.
Consummated in quick visions of breathtaking scope this collection of short stories will wrap your desires in a grip of iron and urge you to dream. From the internet erotic fiction sensation "Bigsqueezer," Dan Erickson writes sizzling stories of men of strength, muscle and passion only found in the world of men with secret desires of sex, violence, and justice. Secret Violent Desires will take you into realms you've only begun to imagine!

     Hey, just read the story of Timmy and the Evil Dr. Vonvellicator and it was very informative. It takes the reader on a sensual and erotic ride (along with Timmy.) It has all the things that someone who likes to touch someone's feet in it. And it makes you want more. You are left wanting to know what happens to poor Timmy Backman and how his relationship with the new character, Shanna, will develop, if at all, after this experience. Again, Christopher Trevor is on the verge of another great story on feet fetishes. Keep up the good work…
-The Cobra
     WOW!! Another on a list of hits to "tickle the sole" by Christopher Trevor. A good friend and a great author who CO-authored my first story "The Detour." From Christopher Trevor's short stories to his first novel "Timmy's Ticklish Trials" he always keeps those ticklish toes curled. Now as you read through the latest Timmy Backman tickle adventures it will be nothing less than spectacular.
-Wayne Colburn

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