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Jay, Jake and Jimmy
by Wade Wright
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 154 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-65-3
A Nice Boy from a Good Family
by David May
Price: $17.95
The Brazilian
by Bill Smith
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 180 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-60-8
Bates Training Center
by Bill Smith
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 133 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-59-2

One young man – two very hot and very hunky muscled black twins – one happenstance meeting in the locker room at the local gym – some very free thinking attitudes about the who plays with who – and it will all definitely create some very exciting experiences, for not only the new guy in town, and the two big muscle built black twins – but for a couple of grooms-to-be, also!

Jimmy was now, the slab of meat, in the middle of the sandwich, that he had been so anxious to become.
   A little white icing in between two black cookies, makes for a pretty good combination.
“ –looked over at me and said, ‘Oh how I like ‘em dark brown, stiff, hard, long, thick, and oh so sweet in my mouth!’ He then started sucking on the sausage stick, –”

Bringing together the best of David May’s nonfiction, A Nice Boy from a Good Family recalls episodes from a life lived in “Interesting Times.” Beginning with a pre-adolescent obsession with comic books that lead to his eventual sexual awakening, and ending in the spiritual journey necessitated by the AIDS epidemic and his own HIV status, May is unflinching as he narrates the carefree years before AIDS through the subsequent years of desperation and loss. With few regrets, May describes his life as a sexually active and eager young man that embraced sadomasochism in the in the late 1970s, through the loss of his Daddy in 1992, his own brush with death, and the subsequent re-embracement of life and hope with his new Sir in the 1990s.
     In Something Sensational to Read on the Train May shares the highlights from his diaries from 1978 to 1984, years spent in sexual experimentation during which he negotiated his way through San Francisco’s gay sex scene, meeting and bedding some of the well-known men of the time.

"The Brazilian” is a dynamic and fascinating tale of two very wealthy handsome young men, an American and a Brazilian, meeting my chance in New York City, becoming instant friends as well as insatiable bed partners. Christian Nelson, living off inherited wealth, is instantly engulfed in Joao de Silva’s extensive slave industry in the far reaches of Brazil. After an initial visit to Joao’s ranch, he is ‘hooked’ on slave acquisition, specialized training, breeding, merchandising, and sales and eventually goes into partnership with his Brazilian friend after a second visit a few years late. Over the years the two extend their enterprises to the burgeoning U.S. market and specialize in breeding and sales of “prime” merchandise throughout the entire world as well as U.S. markets. But a sudden U.S. government nationalization of the trillion dollar slave industry leaves both businessmen destitute and enslaved themselves despite their expertise in the making, breaking and sales of millions of ‘human livestock.” As Joao philosophically reviews his life with Christian, “What goes around comes around.”

"Bates Training Center" is a highly acclaimed, exciting, and fascinating tale about a poor innocent kid in Pittsburgh, Jonathan Randolph Bates, who suddenly inherits from an obscure great-uncle one of the countries most renowned slave training centers along with hundreds of already trained slaves, a most competent staff of slave trainers who are themselves slaves, and several company executives who know exactly how to do their jobs.  Despite his ignorance about slaves and their management, Jonathan picks up on the trade quickly with an almost intuitive grasp of what's needed in training, maintenance, breeding, and sales of human livestock. 
     Within a few months, Bates Training Center is reaching new heights of highly profitable sales under Jonathan's leadership, and, eventually, branching out into an attempt to develop specialized 'breeds' of slaves designed for specific tasks.  Years later, this new venture finally proves to be highly successful and leads to national recognition and prominence in the trade.  Jonathan, however, despite all his new wealth, remains the same humble and inquiring person he always was, proving his late great-uncle right in leaving everything to his only, but obscure, relative. 
     Readers state: "Absolutely the best book in this genre I've ever read;" "At last, an absorbing tale about slaves that hangs together, is very well written, and so interesting you can't put it down;" "Bill Smith remains at the top of the list when it comes to writing great stories about slaves."   

by Andrew James
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 187 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-28-8
Men At Work II
by Christopher Trevor
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 185 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-61-5
In Cemetery Park
by Wade Wright
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 157 pages
ISBISBN:  978-1-935509-56-1
A Slave's Life
by Pete Brown
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 181 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-14-1

The citizens of Faerie are alive and well and living in our cities. Life for the Kin isn't much different from ours, and it's just as hard when you're gay and fey. Whether confronting bashers, solving a severe social misunderstanding or confronting genuine evil, the key is knowing who you can trust.

Christopher Trevor is at it again! He's got hot studly guys being taken advantage of where they work. In Christopher Trevor's world, no hot guy is safe from the stripping, licking, tickling and more. WHEW! He really gets my juices flowing...if you know what I mean! />      -Timmy Backman, tickle hero and constant tickle victim-
     Horniness knows no better name than when one is at work. We all look, wondering if he is wearing boxers or briefs- when brief lines are not discernible- and the juices start to flow. "Men at Work 2" will make your work fantasies come alive and feel attainable. Learn how, read it!
     -The Rimkop-

Taking a shortcut home — late in the middle of the night, and just by happenstance coming across two hot, hunky, well built police officers — and one being a very big strong black officer, hiding out and doing things to — and with, each other — can certainly make a man decide that his life is not just quite right, and maybe some changes need to be made! 
     “The big black officer had ahold of his crotch, and the white guy didn’t push him back or make him move his hand or anything!”
Troy truly had a lot to learn and experience, and then move into a totally different way of living —
&nb     “— and I think it’s time to poke it full with my ‘big, black, bull, officer’s cock’ — as it’s often referred to.”

When “StWhen “Steve” woke up that morning, he was naked in a bed he’d never been in before. He couldn’t remember where he was or what he’d done, but it didn’t take him long to realize it was no more London, no more job, no more rugby matches, no more women and no more freedom to do as he damn well wanted. A big, buff, heterosexual guy used to living his own life, he’d been “taken” to fulfill an order by a “collector of beautiful young men” and would have to learn to do as he was ordered – or else…even if it meant allowing his new owner – or anyone of authority in the man’s employ – to abuse him and use him in any way they want… and even if it meant he’d be used for sex. Imagine Steve’s surprise as he found how easy it could be to adjust to “A Slave’s Life.”

Leather Nazis
by G.W. Leatherman Parks
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 158 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-52-3
The Alchemist
by Sky Unending
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 187 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-40-0
Escape From Purgatory
by Mark James
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 227 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-39-4
Edited by Christopher Trevor
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-44-8

Gunther Meissner entered Der Fuehrer's Army to win the approval of his Father, a high-ranking officer of the S.S. Meissner's meteoric rise through the ranks, with the help of his Commandant Karl Roebling, was soon rewarded. He traded in his woolen uniform for a black Leather uniform like that worn by the Commandant. Gunther wore his uniform proudly, commanding respect and fear. His tall, spit-shined boots were useful to kick someone when they got in his way. Black Leather gloves useful for slapping a boy's face when he was out of line. Black Leather gloves so supple you could see the flexed knuckles of his hand which held a black Leather riding crop. A Muir cap with the proud emblem of the Nazi regime emblazoned on the front. Viewers saw the cap before he revealed his emotionless steel blue eyes, brought to life only when he was engaged in sadistic activity. "Take anything you want. You are a member of the most powerful nation on the earth. You are an inheritor of the regime. You are a member of the Aryan nation," Meissner rationalized. what they feel rightfully belongs to them- the tender asses and willing mouths of Aryan youth, a handsome American P.O.W. or German prisoners brought in for questioning. As the War progresses, their reputation among the Allied Forces is one of brutality and both are listed on a War Crimes roster while the self-proclaimed cleanser of the Nazi regime Heinrich Himmler pursues them for their homomasculine activities. Do the Nazi Leathermen survive the War or are they brutalized while the prisoners of the Allies? Or executed by Himmler for their seeming indifference to the 'moral' laws of the land? 
   Regardless whether the Leatherman is a biker in a cycle jacket, a cop in spitshined boots, or a Nazi in full black uniform, G.W. Leatherman PARKS has captured in this work the natural superiority of men in black Leather who are to be respected, feared, and worshipped. 

TwoTwo Angels – one good, one evil – one Black and one White – descend onto the material plane with a common goal in mind. Both sides have learnt of the existence of the Alchemist and need to convince him to join their side in order to vanquish the other. And so the dark and bright seraphs enter the world of a seemingly ordinary boy that will change their immortal existences forever. A story of love, lust, despair, of sacrifice of the human will, The Alchemist is a fantastical journey through myriads of human emotions – one they will remain etched in the reader’s mind forever.

Nineteen year old Kyle didn’t mean to crash the deadliest top secret weapon on the planet. When he hacks into the Array, a top secret government project, and lands in Purgatory Prison, he becomes JT's cell mate. JT is big, black, nearly all muscle, and oh yes, he's a prize winning Prisoner Gladiator. g Prisoner Gladiator.
     As JT falls in love, Kyle’s secrets begin to take over the gladiator’s life. The smuggler who agreed to get JT out of Purgatory pulls the plug. Tyrone, JT’s biggest rival, forces JT to humiliate him in a gladiator Dark Game over Kyle. Father Matthew, Purgatory’s Warden, uses Kyle against JT to force him to sign a Consent Form for a Guardian Chip.
     Escape From Purgatory follows the adventures of Kyle and his gladiator lover, JT as they run the harrowing gauntlet of Tyrone’s plans for revenge, outwit Matthew’s sly plot, and risk their lives in an escape so dangerous, they’ll have to cheat death to survive.

Someone like Christopher Trevor is able to embellish a situation and bring life and vivid colors to it. He can really make me sing my song of laughter whenever he puts me in a ticklish tale and predicament. There are no tickle tales in this latest book of Mr. Trevor’s but the men who star in these “Obsessive” tales are put through their paces nonetheless. Since reading stories like Christopher Trevor’s and then starring in some of them I realize how the hand (and fingers) of the right guy or gal really stimulates me. - Timmy Backman -

by G.W. Leatherman Parks
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 165 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-46-2
by Lew Bull
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 179 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-47-9
Forty-Dollar Buttboy
by Jackman Hill
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 157 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-48-6
Impossible Love

by Hank Brooks
 Price: $17.95
Paperback: 177 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-44-5

A man in full-black Leather quickly restrains your hands behind your back and leads you to his private dungeon. At first you struggle against his iron grip, but finally realize that you must submit to his sadomasochistic torture. By the end of the session, you are fully his submissive boy, eager to please him. In this volume, you will find stories that will realize your long-suppressed fantasies, awakening your unspoken desires. Does your fantasy revolve around a cowboy in asstight jeans and chaps? Or perhaps a cop in blue uniform and knee-high, spitshined boots? Perhaps aboard a 19th century sailing vessel with a handsome Captain in crotch-tight pants with you as his favored cabin boy? Have you ever thought of kidnapping your boss and working him over? Seducing an innocent young man or a muscular Marine in a smoky bar?
     In this anthology, G.W. Leatherman Parks brings your fantasies to print. With twenty stories, this one-handed reading will get your juices flowing, turn your crank, or stiffen your rod. Imagine yourself as the captor or the captive, black Leather fueling the session into a climax of fuckfest and mancum.

‘Shadows’ – 1. A dark image or shape cast on a surface. 2. An inseparable companion. 3. To follow or trail secretly. 4. To make dark or gloomy. (Collins Paperback English Dictionary).
     Peter is a twenty-three year old college student, keen to spend a weekend with his sports coach and friends, along with his divorced father, at his father’s home at the coast. A relaxing time is planned for all, except, on their first night a storm arises, and with it comes the arrival of a young, virile stranger in their midst. Just as the storm ignites a feeling of anticipation, so their interactions with one another ignite sexual passions and intrigue.
     In Shadows, the group of six male friends and Peter’s father explore their identities and friendships, but with the arrival of the stranger in their midst, tension between them is created, however, at the same time the stranger alerts them to their inner feelings and the ‘shadows’ that they harbor.
     This simple story is a ‘coming out of the closet’ for some of the characters and the reaffirmation of others. The shadow cast over the beach house is an intriguing one of mystery, revelation, feelings of love, hate, deception, and finally discovery. The story is an absorbing look at human behavior when people are thrown together under certain circumstances.

Travis is a hot college sophomore who loves the ladies, week-end parties, and getting stoned most evenings with his buddies at the dorm—your basic all-around frat dude. But he also has a secret about the special times he shared in high school with one of his fellow jocks. When a summertime romance with his girl back home leads to her getting knocked up, he finds himself without any resources to help her out. All of his money goes to tuition and beer. Where can he get some extra cash?
     Then he meets Cameron, an enterprising young man with a very special business plan: they will (mostly) discreetly make themselves available to other boys around campus...the kind of boys who are inclined to have some fun with good-looking guys like Travis and himself. The scheme works because they keep the price low: only forty bucks a pop! Before long, Travis has more than he can handle, and the two friends are off on an adventure of sexual discovery where they learn to enjoy even the dirtiest and most dangerous kinks more than they ever thought was possible...

Jonathan Walters’ life was spent in a never ending nightmare.  He had been a gay man all his life, but he fought his yearnings by attempting to live in the straight world as a straight man.  He brought only grief to himself and his wife.
&nb     But when he was mugged and robbed, he met the detective on the case, who changed his life forever.  Detective Mac taught him that where there is love, nothing was impossible.

Here, And Always Have Been - An Anthology of Gay Historical Fiction
by Kenneth Craigside
Paperback: 201 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-43-1
The Cave Of The Blue Bear
by Bob Archman
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 145 pages
ISBISBN:  978-1-935509-37-0
Steve's First Job
by Pete Brown
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 194 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-20-2
Marshmallow Cream - and Hard Big Pieces of Chocolate
by Wade Wright
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-42-4

If homosexuality is the result of biology then gay inventiveness had to have led to wild sexual adventures during every era of human existence. Here, And Always Have Been is a collection of thirteen erotic tales.  Each takes place at a different era ranging from the prehistoric through the middle of the Twentieth Century. These stories have been researched to the point of plausibility in terms of language and events, yet are inventive in ways both exciting and sensual.  In other words, we’ve had fun throughout time!

When a young, intellectual, but somewhat sheltered French archaeologist goes to Berlin to study he learns much more than the dry study of ancient cultures. He finds new friends who introduce him to a new world of sexual pleasure and sensation; a world he hadn't known existed. He also hadn't realized he was well endowed. His new friends certainly noticed that and he took to his new lifestyle like a duck to water. sp;  In 1927 Hitler was joke, a nonentity. Returning to Germany in 1937, the nation was being transformed into a totalitarian state. He runs into Nazi agents, but finds his friends have remained true. He renews his intellectual and sexual connections with them.
     When France falls to the Nazi's the older and wiser archaeologist discovers the Stone Age caves he has been exploring can become ideal hiding places for refugees trying to escape the horrors of the war. Unexpectedly he becomes an unlikely Mata Hari, using his sexual skills to penetrate into the Nazi plans for the area. He uses all his skills, intellectual, physical and sexual to fight and foil the plans of the Nazi master race.
&nb     He also finds new friends hiding in the Cave of the Blue Bear. Living with the constant possibility of discovery, torture and execution made friendships stronger and the sex hotter. Strangers quickly became friends and soon were lovers.

Set in a not-too-distant future after a second civil war in the US – where slavery has been reintroduced and any man can be taken into it, especially if they’re prisoners of that war – the rich and powerful of the New South anoint their sons to help in government and the family businesses, which can seem one and the same. The story follows a years-long e-mail correspondence between one-time jerk-off buddies, Steve and Stu, who were best friends through the war and kept in contact even though Stu’s straight and opposed to slavery. Steve’s gay and his first job is to learn how to be a slave master, with all the rules, regulations and erotic decisions it entails.

Men with different experiences, different skin color, different body builds, different backgrounds - but similar lusts and desires, can quickly and easily become “one.”

Married men, single men, pizza delivery men, warehouse workers, managers, hot black cops and coaches, anxious white truck drivers - the inexperienced and the fisters - they all have a common goal - a good, strong ‘connector’ between them, and good hot, man-to-man, sex!

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