The author was born and raised in a small community in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California where he attended elementary and high school. After completing college and a hitch in the US Army as a draftee, he worked as an accountant for a number of years. He found pushing numbers and restricted to an office environment day after day far too boring and changed careers, working as an executive officer until his retirement in 2001. Since retirement he has moved back to the community where he was born to enjoy what some refer to as their golden years. He travels often, works in the garden, attends a cardio therapy exercise class three days a week, and spends a great deal of his time reading, writing and pounding the piano ivories.

Cub Boy Training
by Bret Yerlac
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 176 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-81-3

Having just graduated from a small high school located in the central California foothills, young beautiful eighteen year old Joey Schmidt was spending another summer vacation with his grandma Schmidt in her large home in the Marina District of San Francisco, looking forward to living with her while attending at San Francisco State College for the fall semester.
     The handsome blond lad was approached one morning as he was kibitzing water craft coming and going to and from the yacht club's marina into the S.F. bay. A handsome and muscled middle aged retired military officer cleverly befriended the lad that very morning and after they jogged around the Marina District he was successful in getting Joey into his expensive home overlooking the marina. After a couple of beers and some aggressive sexual innuendo initiated by his host, Joey was physically manhandled and turned on sexually by the big muscular guy. That eventful day Joey's life changed. He quickly began a rapid transformation from a virgin country bumpkin to a wild and submissive.
     Joey's life took on new meaning as he went from one sexual encounter to another during one long summer in San Francisco. Joey's remarkable beauty and submissive nature quickly had him deeply involved in a wild and dangerous lifestyle. It wasn't until a S.F. police officer took control of Joey's rampant nightly escapades, rescuing him from a path of self destruction, that Joey was removed from the horrors of unsafe sex, male prostitution and drugs.

Virgin Army Boy Deflowered
by Bret Yerlac
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 155 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-15-8

Michael Wood was still a virgin at 20. He knew he wasn't attracted to women at all and had strong feelings for men, but had never allowed himself to partake in any experimenting with that forbidden sin of the flesh because of the strict religious beliefs he was taught having been raised in a Southern Baptist home. Michael had a lot of religious baggage he carried around on his shoulders daily for years that became a burden to his social development – forbidden sexual desires on the one side and religious taboos on the other. He was a nervous and troubled young man by the time he graduated from Junior College, as here he was still a virgin with forbidden cravings constantly surfacing and making his life miserable.
     So, Michael figured the solution to all his frustrations was to volunteer for the draft and spend the 18 months in the military getting his life in order. He came to the conclusion this would be the cure all to be rid of all the sinful desires that constantly haunted him, they would instantly disappear, because the military environment would make a real man of him. For a short time his plan was successful. He stayed busy and stayed away from situations where he might be tempted to partake in any kind of sexual activity. But now that he was in an all male environment, constantly surrounded by men, his frustrations and desires increased. Even worse, guys were continually hitting on him since he was so attractive and desirable. Keeping himself busy and isolated wasn't working anymore. Little by little his defenses tumbled.
     Enter Staff Sergeant Axel Wood, a big muscled black guy that kept a lustful eye on PFC Michael Hunt. After months of trying to coax the beautiful young blue eyed blond into his private room, Staff Sergeant Axel Wood finally, through trickery and the help of a black bro, was successful. That eventful day Michael's life changed forever. He was turned on to the sexual demands of a dominant black man. A long succession of affairs eventually brought new meaning to the word love to both Michael and Sarge.