After enjoying a successful career in New York City at his chosen field, Buck Roberts turned his attention to what has given him so much pleasure over the years: books. Mysteries and spy novels are among his favorites but the men featured in them seem needlessly constrained by heterosexual sex. In this book, Buck suggests that by broadening their once limited sexual appetites, they can accomplish much more for their country. Buck writes his novels from his home in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Crossover Spy II
by Buck Roberts
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 226 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61098-290-0

Crossover Spy II is an extension of the story begun in the first book, Crossover Spy, opening with a prison break in the remote reaches of Russia. Cliff Bradshaw, an American operative with Homeland Security and a former SEAL, is dispatched yet again to crush a weapons trafficking ring operating out of Moscow, thought to have been neutralized and headed by his nemesis, a Russian Mafia kingpin. Cliff’s training for his job required him to pass as a gay man, a lifestyle that had been unfamiliar to him.
     Transformed into a functioning gay man, Cliff uses his new found sexuality and sexual favors to gain favor with the enemy, many of whom are gay, and neutralize the threat posed by the international weapons trafficking network. Cliff is put through his paces submitting to the carnal desires of any man who will help him reach his goal in accomplishing his assignment.
     The action moves from Moscow to Washington to the British Virgin Islands with stops in between. The book is something of a spoof of the familiar British MI-5 operatives whose sexploits revolved around bedding all too available women. Cliff is more unrestrained in having his way with as many men as required for him to validate his mission.
     Crossover Spy II provides interest with an involving story laced with many intense sexual encounters. Also, there are some pairings off of formerly sexually active studs who settle into relationships. Fans of mystery novels are likely to find a lot to like in this book.

Crossover Spy
by Buck Roberts
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 211 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61098-175-0

In this book, Buck Roberts seeks to achieve a change of pace in the international spy novel genre. He would like to turn things around and have the requisite studs, many of whom are in the service of their country, pursuing ever hotter studs to accomplish the covert agendas set out for them. This will require them to be liberal in extending their sexual favors in pursuit of their quarry. While Buck celebrates the relationships of committed couples in this book, he allows these prime examples of beef cake to enjoy unconstrained lust for other men, particularly in the line of duty. Many of these humps, former skirt-chasers, demonstrate a natural talent for man on man sex.