Dan Carroll has been writing for several years for amateur press associations. An avid reader of all genres of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, this is his first full novel uncut and in it’s entirety! He counts Agatha Christie, Greg Herren, Daniel Erickson, Matt Bernstein Sycamore, Patricia Nell Warren, John Grisham, Stephen King and the late Madeleine L’Engle among his favorite authors. He is currently nearing completion on the second book in what will be a full trilogy, BLACKNBLUE TAVERN. Dan is also working on a sizzling set of short stories. Dan lives in what he terms as “the only log cabin home that resembles a tree house” located in western North Carolina with his extended family, including their three cats, their St. Andrew’s cross, and enough rope to keep the Mormons visits short. His other interests are, besides writing, classic movies and television, graphic design and computers.

BlacknBlue Tavern - Book Three of a Trilogy
by Dan Carroll
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 185 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-05-9

At last, the men of the BlackNBlue are about to see their dream of the new complex next door completed and ready for opening after weeks of hard work.
     When one of the city councilmen begins a campaign to stop them and shut down the progress they've made, an unlikely ally steps in from behind the scenes and provides the assistance that's needed to stop this new threat.
     Never ones to turn down any help, not even Fist or Dan could foresee that this new ally would turn out to be someone that they would come to know through one of their own.
     With their friend Mike, now the chief of police, the situation unfolds and develops as he uses every resource at his disposal to try and stop the councilman from destroying their dream from coming true.
     As they're dealing with all of this toward the end of the construction, Fist and Dan hatch a plan for a surprise for everyone at the BlackNBlue that catches all of them off guard as well.
     In this last book of the BlackNBlue trilogy, the action is non-stop and starts out in full gear and never slows down as the men grow closer and discover just how much they've come to depend on not only each other, but how they come to trust others that are not in their inner circle.
     If you thought the first two books tested all of them to their limits, you won't believe what happens in the final one!

BlackNBlue Tavern - Book Two of a Trilogy
by Dan Carroll
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 167 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-04-2

When this group of men met and discovered their differences as well as their commonalities, they realized that they had formed a sort of family like none other.  Even though they all loved to fight and wrestle, they knew deep down that there was more to each of them than just the fights.
     Now that the threat of Matilda and Ed has come to an abrupt end with her untimely death, the men of the BlackNBlue Tavern settle down into their respective relationships and their connection with each other.
     Suddenly, however, they find themselves threatened once again only this time the threat is not only against the bar but against all of them as well.  Add to that an unlikely new member of their group and revelations about certain past events and Fist, CJ and the others realize it's time to band together again and prevent the oncoming danger from destroying not only the bar, but themselves as well!
     How do they solve the new threats?  What happens to them when they discover the real truth behind past events?  Who is this new member that joins them and how does he fit into the scene?
     Return with the men of the BlackNBlue and find out just how they keep themselves and the bar from being torn apart...they never expected this turn of circumstances to happen and you can be you won't either!

BlacknBlue Tavern - Book One of a Trilogy
by Dan Carroll
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 165 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-03-5

Welcome to The BlackNBlue Tavern and the lives of the men that arrive there with a thirst. Everything’s on tap including a can of Grow the Fuck Up!
     When a former pro wrestler named Joe opens a bar catering to men who love manly combat, not even he could predict the arrival of the men that would soon become like a family to him.  After meeting a man out of his past and taking an unexpected heart-punch, Joe and his partner leave the bar in the capable hands of Fist, a man known for being a rough street brawler but with a heart of gold.
     Standing up, CJ grabbed Fist by one arm and waved at Joe and Jeff, who waved back as he led the bartender toward the door.  As the door closed, Jeff said, "You know, babe, I just realized...it's NOT about the fights here, is it?"
     Suddenly, the men and the bar find themselves threatened by a mysterious pair and it's up to all of them to band together and defend their place. Boys will be boys, but it takes some MEN to fix the problems…
     Meet the men of the BlackNBlue...they’ll never be the same, what makes you think you will?