Starting out in life as a nice boy from a good family looking desperately for the wrong crowd, David May started writing as a child. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, he moved to San Francisco where he initially gained notoriety in 1984 when his first story, Cutting Threads, which was published in Drummer, sparking both controversy and praise from readers. A regular contributor to Drummer until its demise, May’s work has also appeared in Honcho, Mach, Advocate Men, Unzipped, Inches, Frontiers, Lambda Book Report, Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, Cat Fancy, International Leatherman and Manifest Review. David May’s work, both fiction and nonfiction, can also be found in Kosher Meat, Best of Gay Erotica 2003, Best of Gay Erotica 2007, Afterwords: Real Sex From Gay Men’s Diaries, Bar Stories, Queer View Mirror, Flesh and the Word 3, The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica, Bears and many other anthologies. In 2002 he moved to Seattle where he lives with, and is owned by, his Sir and two cats.

Butch Bottom & The Absent Daddy
by David May
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 149 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-06-6

 LoveFrom Amsterdam to San Francisco, from New England to Seattle, from Chicago to Los Angeles, these eleven stories explore the love leather men feel for each and for their tribe.  The exhilaration of first love, the desolation of widowhood, the enduring male friendship, the mature love of an established Master/slave couple, and the spiritual rebirth that love offers the wounded -- these are all parts of leather men’s lives, and they are also the parts of  our stories that are seldom told.
*    Twice widowed and reluctant to open his heart again, a Daddy finds happiness with a young, local rocker.
*    A young Dutchman finds love in submission to the handsome Jew he and his family are hiding in their attic during the World War Two. 
*    A leather top falls in love with another man’s boy, carrying a torch for the young man whose very name is unknown to him.
*   Phone sex leads to complications, and finally to a young man’s proper place – kneeling at his lover’s booted feet.
*    A jaded leather man falls in love for the first time – with another Master and his slave.
*   After a night of sex with a stranger he met on line, a widowed and guarded bottom suddenly finds that he’s once again open to the possibility of love.
*    A brain injury at first spells disaster for two men in love, resulting in erratic behavior in one, and anger in the other – until a second knock in the head changes everything.
     Gathered from stories written over the last 20 years, many of them written for Drummer, David May offers this collection for the hopeless romantic in each of us, whether in leather or latex, who still believes love can be found at the end of a whip.

Madrugada: A Cycle of Erotic Fictions
by David May
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 189 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-97-2

Madrugada gathers nine of David May’s early stories, stories about a circle of friends exploring San Francisco’s infamous Folsom Street from the apex of its notoriety to the beginning of its decline as sexual haven for leather men.   While covering much of the terrain familiar to readers of SM erotica, these stores go further, exploring the implications of Male Leather’s Cultures codes and iconography.  Madrugada celebrates the power, pain and pleasure of men loving men, honoring our history of raw sexual energy.
     First published in 1997, Madrugada was called lyrical or evocative by some, it later became a part of the permanent library at the Leather Archives in Chicago.

Perfect if you’re getting in the mood for a night out at the local leather bar.    -Ed McLaughlin in Boudoir Noir
David May’s stories of San Francisco’s gay leather community depict a milieu in which sex is explicit, extreme and in your face…  David May’s generation of bad boys is out on the street kicking butt.    -Michael Perkins in Screw

     Dare to explore the Time Between Midnight and Dawn, a time when inner yearnings are met, when fantasies are realized -- a time when frightening truths are faced for the first (and sometimes the last) time, a time wherein four young men find themselves both lost and found…