Diesel King is the alter ego of a strikingly handsome muscled man of leather and of color, tapping his solid mahogany desk with his thick digits currently penning his first novel.
     He has no prior claim to fame other than being a jack-of-all-trades and the insatiable sex machine in between. He is heavily in demand in the cuckold and orgy scenes, and is an all-around sadistic freak oblivious to sexual orientations.
     He is however partial to his man-sex in the tried and steadily true belief that “most boys will what most girls won’t” having plenty of uncut meat to share with the masses. He once was a drifter mostly confined to the grit and grime of the North American slums before lucking up in a career as a highly in-demand international playboy and poker player. Flanked by this new life, he can be currently found somewhere in the darkrooms of Europe, the secret clubs and societies of Africa, or underground baths of Asia. If not back in some dilapidated neighborhood seeing what new and freaky things he can get into.

A Good Time In The Hood
by Diesel King
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 195 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-73-8

In the initial volume of this anthology, Diesel King presents a shocking revolution to the world of gay erotica. One that surpasses the comforts of lustful man-sex beyond the safe confines of Castro and Christopher Streets, and into the rough terrain of the various slums and ghettos that dots the landscape in between.
       A Good Time in the Hood
is a collection of homoerotic adventures told and experienced firsthand by a strikingly handsome muscled man of color that truly enjoys sex with other men of color in these kinds of places.  He revisits his most intimate accounts, starting with him and his homeboys running trains on all the neighborhood punks in the dilapidated housing projects that he once resided in.  He then recounts “repaying” what he thought was a business partner through classic humiliation to turning out a quiet but sexually curious college student with the help of his former cellmate.  In a surprise twist of events, he also finds himself sharing his wanton lust with two middle-aged brothers in the same night.  He even took to mentoring a nineteen-year-old boy about the dangers of teasing grown men along so many other scorching hot narratives.
       Diesel King offers just a modest taste of the man and his numerous escapades within these pages.  He does so with the sole purpose of whetting appetites and leaving everyone hungry for more.