Kim Debron was born in Norwich, England in 1957, and emigrated to Australia in 1970. Her life has been full of memorable ups and downs but she did not pursue her interest in BDSM until early 2002. Kim’s love of the written word was evident from an early age, and many poems, short stories and essays have been written during her varied and adventurous life. She excelled in English at school, but never carried it further until meeting Master Joe, who encouraged her to follow her dreams, and helped her to expand her skills. Under His guidance, she has written many articles on BDSM and life within a D/s Relationship as a collared and owned submissive. These have been printed in Kink-E Magazine and on many resource websites around the world. Kim was formally collared to Master Joe in January 2006 and though they are also married now, she is slave first and wife second.

Souls in Chains
by Kim Debron
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 203 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61098-193-4

Three people around a table:
- the future of one girl hanging in the balance as she contemplated life as a slave, what would her answer be?
- the future of the other girl certain to the end, no matter what else happened.
    And the future happiness of the man who had the power was dependent on both the others……