LT writes stories from the comfort of Ohio. LT Ville has no children. LT is an internet author who enjoys writing poetry and stories that focus on the lives and actions of gay individuals.

Lucas and Lionel
by LT Ville
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 203 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-84-4

Lucas spent all of high school stuck in the friend zone with Lionel. When high school ended without so much as a kiss from the man of his dreams, Lucas decided to move on with his life.
     Lucas arrives at college with every intention of setting his sights on someone new, but his plan fails miserably when he discovers that Lionel is his roommate. Lucas begins to fantasize about being with Lionel and even begins to role play with a friend. One night Lionel finds Lucas in the arms of another man. There are some uncomfortable exchanges between Lucas and Lionel as Lionel struggles to come to terms with the changing dynamics of their friendship. Lionel confesses his own secret desires and Lucas gets exactly what he wants, but can he handle all that comes with it?