Nick Urzdown is the pen name of a bon viveur and libertine, who has been writing on and off for many years. In real life, Nick is a graduate of Ruskin College, Oxford, the University of Manchester and a rather scratty polytechnic in South London. He went on to become the professor of North American History at a Mexican university and has a penis with a mind of its own which led him astray on more than one occasion with nubile young Mexican undergraduates. Ill health forced him to return to the United Kingdom in December 2009 and he now lives in Northern England. It amuses him to see the look of puzzlement on British people’s faces when he tells them that the youngest two of his three sons were born six months apart. Mexicans understand immediately what happened, and he has resolved to spend the rest of his life trying to ensure that the British cease being quite so bovine. He blogs at

A Spanking Good Life
by Nick Urzdown
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 163 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61098-295-5

This is the work of a genuine dominant male and the reader comes away feeling strongly about both the writer's prose and his ideology. One male reviewer called it "a misogynistic hatefest," but a female twenty-something loved its "arrogance and bluntness." She went on to write that it pleased her to read "someone who is prepared to stand by the old fashioned ideology that men are the dominant gender. It's an unfashionable notion but it worked for many hundreds of years. I am far from stupid but I appreciate that men are really in charge; so it is also nice to know I am not alone in that belief." The controversy has been created not just by the author's take no prisoners writing style, but by the fact that this is not a work of fiction. The names have been changed and many identifying details have been altered, but this is a memoir and all the people within it are real. If you want to read the genuine account of a man who has spent a lifetime stripping naughty females of their dignity, knickers and ability to sit down in comfort for a few days, then this is the book for you.