Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS - Psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist in private practice for over 30 years.
       He is the only Catholic priest in the world with a doctorate in Human Sexuality. His practice has included a special outreach to survivors of clergy sex abuse and has had many opportunities to work with clergy offenders. He is available as an advocate for clergy abuse survivors - as a consultant, expert witness and/or therapist.
       He is currently working on a follow-up book detailing the sexual molestation he endured at the hands of his Oblate superior while a 14-year-old seminarian in Southern Illinois. How all subsequent religious superiors he told about these incidences did nothing about it. The book will investigate the psychological and emotional trauma of clergy sex abuse and its impact on the psychosexual development of abuse victims.
       Richard designs, develops and produces long and short-term seminars and workshops for healing and helping professionals including religious leaders. He has provided individual therapy and facilitated support groups for gay clergy of numerous denominations.
       He’s also been involved in many other sex education and sexual enrichment projects. He’s been writing an online sex advice column for over 15 years. His column and weekly podcasts can be found at: He also contributes to several other websites as a guest columnist. He is developing a new site,, which is a clearinghouse for news and information about gay clergy worldwide. A social media component, where individuals will be able to create profiles, share their stories and find support, will follow.
       He often writes and speaks in the public forum on policy issues related to religion, human sexuality, aging and death and dying. He has been a keynote speaker and/or presenter at numerous conventions and symposia.

The Amateur's Guide to Death and Dying: Enhancing the End of Life
   by Richard Wagner, Ph.D, ACS
   Price: $19.95
   Paperback: 352 pages
   ISBN: 978-1-61098-199-6

Thousands of people will receive a devastating medical diagnosis this year. And for most, what follows is a nightmare of anger, shame, loneliness and passivity. Instead of being encouraged to take a lead role in orchestrating their finales, they are expected to wait patiently for the curtain to fall. The Amateur’s Guide is on the cutting edge of death and dying work. It provides an opportunity to break free from the painful silence our culture imposes on death talk. Whether filling out a durable power of attorney form, completing a death anxiety survey or personally designing a unique end-of-life plan, you will be totally involved and engaged. This unique seminar/support group format exposes you to a myriad of life situations and moral dilemmas that arise as one faces his/her mortality head on. Learn from and with people just like you. Ten diverse fictional characters provide essential role models for enhancing life near death. Additionally, six presenters, experts in their field, offer timely advice to help make the end of life less intimidating and more of a rich, poignant transition. This is about achieving a good and wise death in the context of real dying, with all its unpredictability, disfigurement, pain, and sorrow. This workbook is primarily for those currently facing their mortality. But concerned family and friends, healing and helping professionals, lawyers, clergy, teachers, students, and those grieving a death will all benefit from joining in. Because, as we all know, none of us is getting out of here alive.

Secrecy, Sophistry and Gay Sex In The Catholic Church
   by Rev. Richard Wagner Ph.D., ACS
   Price: $19.95
   Paperback: 253 pages
   ISBN: 978-1-61098-212-2

For centuries homosexuals have been vilified and persecuted by the Catholic Church, but the Church has always had a very inconvenient secret.  Many of its clergy, even those in the highest echelons of the Church, were and are homosexual.  Little was known of the lives these religious people lived until the publication, in 1981, of the groundbreaking, i>Gay Catholic Priests; A Study of Cognitive and Affective Dissonance.
     Richard Wagner is the author of that study and he is a gay priest. The media firestorm that erupted after its publication and the backlash within his religious community because of its publication eventually destroyed his public priesthood.  This story of his 13-year battle with the Church to save his ministry exemplifies the spiritual isolation, emotional distress and ecclesiastical reprisals every gay priest most fears.
     Secrecy, Sophistry And Gay Sex In The Catholic Church provides an intimate and sometimes disturbing look into the unseemly inner-workings of the Catholic Church.  It is a detailed account of the Church's take-no-prisoners attitude in stamping out whatever they perceive as a threat, especially if the threat comes from within.