Richard Andrews is a prolific writer of gay erotic fiction. He has had numerous short stories published in such gay magazines as Mandate, Torso and Honcho. He is an English teacher and he resides in Los Angeles.
Ransom Slave
by Richard Andrews
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 149 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-84-2

Ransom Slave is a story of a young gay boy's effects to come to terms with his own submissive nature and to find out where he belongs in this crazy world. The story reviews the young life of James, a poor, 18 year old, very good looking gay boy, who quickly comes to realize that he owns only two things of any real value, his beautiful body and big cock.
     James decides to leave his fag hating hometown in Indiana and try his luck in the big city of Los Angeles. In the course of his journey James will find out the true meaning of the saying that, "Men are both good and evil." Due to his all to trusting nature and his over baring desire to find a dominate man that he can trust, James is ripped off, betrayed, lied too and brutalized. 
The story tells of James' transformation from a very inexperienced gay boy into a major porn star and high priced hustler in Los Angeles, to a strictly controlled daddies boy in Paris France, to being brutally trained to be a total slave in Morocco, North Africa, to having to stand naked on the block in front of several hundred men, as he is sold to his Master at a real life slave auction, to serving his Master on a South Pacific Island for four years, to finally regaining his freedom and returning to Paris only to find that he has to confront the realities of the real world and of his own submissive nature. As he struggles to make a decision that could determine his fate for the rest of his life.