Anthony is a frustrated mid aged submissive in the UK who discovered his S&M inclinations later on in life and never found the strength to submit sufficiently to really fly. My stories are, regrettably, pure fantasy and should be recognised as such, especially in respect of the abuse inflicted on my poor narrator’s bodies. Also they tend to practice extremely unsafe sex and have never heard of condoms. Please don’t try to emulate them; I want you to stay around to enjoy my efforts.

Subs Deliverance
by Anthony Thomas
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 189 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-08-0

Master – A short essay where a boy contemplates his situation, waiting to surrender his body for the first time, and to a man he hardly knows.

Big Sarge – The story of a boy very much into heavy, dirty, use and abuse, but only as a part-time occupation.  Always searching for another high he finds himself in what could be a dangerous situation only to be rescued by one of his tormenters and carried off, happily, to a life of service.

Karl’s Boy – This is another story of a boy seeking heavy use who, like his author, could not submit 24/7.  He is aware that occasionally such use will enable him to fly but never quite attains real fulfilment.
     I’ve only been lucky enough on a few occasions to enter that state of mind through pain and use where you want to laugh and cry with joy while writhing with pain, that merely being an adjunct to your condition.
     Out of the blue, while being thoroughly misused, our boy meets Karl, a supposedly heterosexual young man just seeking a quick release on a Saturday night.   The Gods have different ideas and over the next couple of weeks they connect on the physical, emotional and mental plains and finally settle to, one hopes, a long life together but more as partners rather than full master and slave.