Billy Jay Dee feels the most comfortable in a pair of cowboy boots. He has worked in emergency services as a boy scout, volunteer, paid first responder, dispatcher and manager of a 911 office. He’s visited five of the seven continents. He’s eaten breakfast at Tiffany’s. He loves tequila. He’s been known to kiss the back of a few hands. This is his second published collection of short stories. He likes his men manly and his girls girly. He can run a chainsaw and drop a burning snag.

Sex In The Southeast
by Billy Jay Dee
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 203 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-75-2

 “Sex in Southeast” reflects the true life adventures of a bi-sexual married man living in on the Last Frontier.  He lives among rugged men who work near the sky-blue tide-water glaciers, hike the shaggy Sitka Spruce forests and boat the jade-green waters of the Inside Passage.  Our hero also prowls the bath houses and bars of the Emerald City (Seattle).   His hunt for “bears” takes him far afield, including Los Angeles and the open stairwell in a parking structure at an international airport.