I was born where “good ole boy,” applied to both men and women. Where “honey” and “darling” are applied to all women and they did not think it to be a sexist statement. Where being politically correct was something city folks did because they failed to respect, honor and take pride in all those with whom one associated. Where a man’s word and handshake was more binding than any piece of paper. Where honor, pride and respect were a state of mind, the ‘human’ in humanity. Experience, they say, is the key to being a great artist. If that’s the case, well, I am a frigging Picasso or one hell of a writer because I done my share of hell raisin’ and placating while here on this good ol’ Earth of ours. One thing I have learned to be an outstanding truth (and one that we tend to forget) is, “Everything is connected to everything.” Poison our Earth Mother, and we ourselves are poisoned, heal her and we are healed.
     Graduated high school in ‘69, went to Morehead University for a start on my degrees. I’ve been a retail merchant, badge carrier, training and education officer within a branch of the Old F.E.M.A. I’m a healer and medicine man within the Hiawatha Shawnee Hidden Society out of Kentucky. Came to Florida to cross-reference Woodland tribal magic with that of Tropical tribal magic and found an expanded universe that’s absolutely awesome. Moved to Miami, Florida in the early 1990’s to undertake the fire vision and survived. People either love or fear me; it’s just that simple. Moved from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale - also known as Ft. Leatherdale - due to the amount of leathermen and women who have moved into our beautiful city. Once in Ft. Lauderdale, I immersed myself within the leather community became a public figure. Became a leather tailor and later ran a leather business with Amy O. In ’99, I was the president of Leather University, an educational faculty, teaching safe, sane and consensual S&M, B&D arts and sciences.
     In 2000 I was involved in a major car accident that broke more parts than I thought was possible. The accident awoke a sleeping childhood disease, polio, bringing it back as post polio syndrome. I was told I would live the balance of my life in a wheelchair but a Sensei taught me water karate and I regained my limbs. In 2003 I found the love letters that my slave had returned to me while he was on a road tour. These love letters are the premise for the story Hand and Glove.

Hand And Glove: The Path
by Bob E. Genz
Price: $17.95
Paperback 159 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-33-0

For the past few years, Bob E. Genz has been feeding me, chapter by chapter, this magnum opus of SM and fantasy. I would wait, eagerly, then almost additively, for him to twist and torque each ongoing storyline to his satisfaction, offering help and advice along the way. What you hold here is a fantasy so all consuming, diabolical, and thorough that I am proud to say I may have had a fraction of an ounce (or maybe a few CC's, if you know what I mean) of contribution to. What you hold in your leather-gloved hands is the first third of a trilogy that I think will go down in time as a fetish classic. Prepare yourself to get hooked on the saga of CASTLE Enterprises, Master Bruce Hunter and slave 9-745.

Hand And Glove: The Pit
by Bob E. Genz
Price: $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-887895-58-3

Hand and Glove: The Pit continues the trilogy of Bob Genz’s leather epic in grand style. In this second installment, slave 9-745 finds himself pushing the buttons of Master Bruce Hunter one too many times, and is cast into “The Pit” of this book’s subtitle.
     Along the way, we’re given deeper insight into the working of Buena Vista and the Castle Enterprises Empire. Opening on a yacht in the Bahamas and closing as a massive Enterprise treasure hunt begins, the exotic members of Master Hunter’s kinky enclave become more defined as the Empire expands. With it, many questions are raised. You’ll discover more about why these people respect Master Hunter, and the reasons he is surrounded by the dynamic men of his inner circle.