bootbrush has been an active member of the fetish and pup-play communities for over 15 years. A devoted pup and a committed pervert, he can regularly be found at His Handler’s side – on all fours, collared and grinning – at BDSM events and fetish clubs throughout the UK and Europe. bootbrush has always had a love for writing – and has shared both his experiences and his fiction through community forums and his own website since the earliest days of the ‘net. His experiences have taught him that BDSM and pup-play can be a positive and transformative experience – for both Master and sub. His writing explores this, and his stories often feature a deeply hypnotic style that enables the reader to share in the intense emotional and physical release that is possible through this kind of play. This is the first time his stories have appeared in print. bootbrush lives in the UK, where he shares his life and devotion with both his partner of 20 years and his Handler of 6. He is currently working on a new book for the ‘Woof’ pup-play series, published by Nazca Plains.

Assimilation: Tales of transformation and surrender
by bootbrush
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 206 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61098-239-9

Rubber moves through me until every cell is coated, every nerve insulated; every part of me rubberised and assimilated. The process is slow, purposeful, unrelenting, and irreversible - and it feels like slowly drowning in a rising black tide of ecstasy.”
These stories weave tales of delicious perversity, unrelenting transformations, heady submission, and willingly given surrender. They speak of masculinity and hunger - of bondage, hypnosis, pup-play and water-sports... They tell of men released from their limitations to test and push and explore at the very limits of experience and play - and all are wrapped within a seductively hypnotic skin of rubber and leather...