Dutch Roberts, born in the seventy-second year of the 1900’s, was clearly brought into this world at the very wrong time. Ever since he was a child, he demonstrated signs of being one with the Renaissance. With his interests and hobbies, as well as his talents, as varied as the fantasies in his head, he has always been - and always will be - open to fully exploring whatever opportunities come his way. With the publication of his first book, Top Hats & Jockstraps, he is now unflinchingly able to share his dreams and desires with the entire world. Mr. Roberts currently resides in the heart of New England, poised to take on his next passionate endeavor.
Top Hats & Jockstraps
by Dutch Roberts
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 155 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-41-5

 "Dutch Roberts' stories give me a pure visual that titillates all my senses. It's like I'm right in the middle of the action." (Tuxmansf aka Tony)
     "The stunning handsome men in their perfect masculine formal attire that are so vividly described by Dutch would be enough in themselves to get your juices flowing, but coupled with his wonderfully twisted plots full of sexual tension and power play and you have a cocktail for some of the most erotic stories you are ever likely to read."
Matt Jordan, MenAtPlay.net