Jackman Hill is just another horny white guy with a boring day job who loves writing smut. Forty-Dollar ButtBoy is his first published book.
Forty-Dollar Buttboy
by Jackman Hill
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 157 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-48-6

Travis is a hot college sophomore who loves the ladies, week-end parties, and getting stoned most evenings with his buddies at the dorm—your basic all-around frat dude. But he also has a secret about the special times he shared in high school with one of his fellow jocks. When a summertime romance with his girl back home leads to her getting knocked up, he finds himself without any resources to help her out. All of his money goes to tuition and beer. Where can he get some extra cash?
     Then he meets Cameron, an enterprising young man with a very special business plan: they will (mostly) discreetly make themselves available to other boys around campus...the kind of boys who are inclined to have some fun with good-looking guys like Travis and himself. The scheme works because they keep the price low: only forty bucks a pop! Before long, Travis has more than he can handle, and the two friends are off on an adventure of sexual discovery where they learn to enjoy even the dirtiest and most dangerous kinks more than they ever thought was possible...