You might know Jasper from his audio series, Uncle Jasper’s Five-fingered Bedtime Stories, available as Podcasts or downloadable as audio MP3’s from his nephew’s web site, Jardonn’s Erotic Jasper’s tales, both audio and written are derived from the many people he has met through the years, working-class nobodies like himself who strive to get by month to month while enjoying life to its fullest.
Maggie Pie
by Jasper McCutcheon
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 175 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-98-9

Hey, good people! This is Bud Richter. I’m an over the road truck driver, six days on and four days off. When I’m on, I have one heckuva good time. I know all the best places to eat and all the fun-loving women to call, no matter where my company sends me. When I’m off, I try my hardest to put back together what I tore apart -- my family. My ex-wife has found something that seems to help. She likes to tie me up... well, who am I kidding... she does it because I ask her to. No matter, things are getting better, and we will get there as long as I don’t get killed by sabotaged equipment and all the other crazy things that happen to me. I even get to help the feds solve a murder. How’s that for a stupid truck driver!
     A WORD OF WARNING: Some passages of this book contain detailed descriptions of naked adults making love. Oh, and there are some curse words. Heaven forbid! If you are not an adult either mentally or physically, meaning if you are not 18 years of age or older either mentally or physically, then don't try to read this book. It is not for you and you are breaking the law. Let those of us who are mature enough to handle it enjoy it without you screwing it up.
Bud Richter

Go Ahead, Woman. Do Your Worst! Erotic Tales of Heros Chained
by Jasper McCutcheon
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 171 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-43-9

What evils await the tortured he-men in Jasper's five stories? Just imagine what it's like to be one man alone, stripped naked, bound in chains and completely at the mercy of ravenous and sadistic females. Gangs of them! Whether a medieval dungeon or modern-day medical office, the old American West or the wilds of Africa, Jasper's heroes are fully prepared to take whatever punishments these cruel women are planning to dish out. They'll deal with their tortures of pain, tortures of humiliations, milkings and denials because they are what Jasper makes them: strong, virile, defiant and manly men. They are heroes chained, but no woman can defeat them. So, go ahead, woman. Do your worst. 

I Was Tortured By The Pygmy Love Queen
by Jasper McCutcheon
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 157 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-13-2

What evils await Captain Henry Mitchell on the island below? A U.S. Navy fighter pilot, he’s forced to abandon his Grumman after battling Japanese Zeros over the Pacific, but soon Japan is the least of his worries. Parachuting into rainforest canopy Mitchell is greeted by a lost tribe of pygmies and their insanely cruel leader, a female, a Caucasian westerner like himself who subjects him to unholy tortures both painful and erotic.
     How does she control the pygmies to carry out her sadistic punishments against him? What secrets are kept on this island? Secrets which she believes Mitchell has come to take from her? And how does a man deal with being tortured for answers to questions he knows nothing about? One strong man, stripped naked, bound and helpless, versus one female tyrant and her legion of little devils – who will win this battle?