Kenneth Craigside has spent a lifetime in the service of the theatre as a designer of lighting and scenery. Recently retired, he lives in Florida with his partner of eighteen years. Both are now in the service of a cat named Skitz. But said cat is not allowed in the library which holds a considerable collection devoted to history, art, and architecture. Mr. Craigside’s method of writing is to search out history’s cracks and plaster them over with exciting plausibilities. In the case of these stories the plaster has been stirred with liberal amounts sensual fun.

Here, And Always Have Been - An Anthology of Gay Historical Fiction
by Kenneth Craigside
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 201 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-43-1

If homosexuality is the result of biology then gay inventiveness had to have led to wild sexual adventures during every era of human existence. Here, And Always Have Been is a collection of thirteen erotic tales.  Each takes place at a different era ranging from the prehistoric through the middle of the Twentieth Century. These stories have been researched to the point of plausibility in terms of language and events, yet are inventive in ways both exciting and sensual.  In other words, we’ve had fun throughout time!