I think that when most writers consider self-description, the first phrase that comes to mind is ‘jack of all trades.’ Why? Because it’s always a matter of paying the bills. Hence, after a childhood and adolescence spent in a middle-class suburb of Hollywood, Lawrence Elliot graduated California State University, San Francisco where he majored in – what else? – Creative Writing. Immediately thereafter, in the great literary tradition of Jack London, Joseph Conrad, William Henry Dana and others, he put out to sea as a merchant seaman on the USS President Hayes and traveled the world over from Yokohama to Barcelona to San Francisco and back again.
     Always torn between the artist within and the middle-class citizen needing to earn income, sales became the next choice. Sales of everything, from junk mail to advertising to real estate. A bold move took him back to Hong Kong where he became an editor/writer for a travel magazine. Ultimately, his writing came to the attention of the biggest PR firm in the world, and, as luck would have it, he became an International Public Relations Consultant. During his tenure, he ghostwrote a bi-weekly financial column, promoted the new subway system and handled publicity for an enormous conglomerate of what came to be known as the New Noble House, Hutchison-Whampoa, Ltd.
     Six years and a divorce later, he returned to Los Angeles and became a medical consultant for the most famous hair transplant surgeon in the world. Imagine that? Nascent author selling hair transplants to movie stars! A whole lot better than selling magazine subscriptions or pots and pans door-to-door. What else? He spent a few years at a really hard job – publicist for porn stars. Really!
     While internationally published as a journalist and public relations executive, this is his first book. Mistress Allure calls this both his Masters AND Submissives Thesis.
Mistress Allure's Guide to Forbidden Eroticism for Adventurous Couples
by Mistress Allure & Her Consort Dimitri as told to Lawrence Elliot
Price: $19.95

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