Markus Larsen, the kinky cub has been in the leather community close to three decades. He is a co-founder of the nation’s premiere Leather Boys Clubs and is a member of organizations as diverse as Mystery Writers of America and the Chicago Hellfire Club. The cub hopes to not only excite but hopes you will have a great time reading this collection – his first.
The Sex Club Murders and Other Kinky Tales
by Markus Larsen
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 153 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-16-3

Combing the love of detective fiction with kink is a pretty tricky balancing act, but Markus Larsen does just that with "The Sex Club Murders." It's just the first story in this hot and clever set of hard-handed reading. From there, you'll run the gamut from "Surviving Master's Hell" to "The Purification." The clear detail of these stories will make you wonder if that leather bar with a body count might just be where you were last weekend. So join in and let slave 7 crack the case as others crack their whips. Just be careful to clean up your DNA afterwards.