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Living M/s; A Book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships
by Dan and Dawn Williams
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 192 pages
ISBN: 978-1-61098-195-2

This book is a valuable resource for those interested in real-time Total Power Exchange Relationships. Dan and dawn share the reality behind the lifestyle that so many only fantasize about. This is a book based on the experience of a couple, who has been living together as Master and slave for well over a decade and covers such topics as: challenges of living as a M/s couple; building your own M/s dynamic; changing terminology; the communities of M/s and BDSM and how they dance together (and apart); styles of D/s and M/s; Ms and polyamory; leather; orchestrating situations with multiple slaves, as well as many other topics.  

The leatherboy Handbook
by boy Vincent L. Andrews
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 184
ISBN: 978-1-887895-67-5

This Curious Human Phenomenon
by Peter Masters
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 164 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-79-8
Master/slave Relations: Solutions 402 - Living in Harmony
by Robert Rubel, PhD
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 184 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-56-9

Master/slave Relations: Communications 401 The Advanced Course
by Robert Rubel, PhD
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 171 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-55-2

In the past when a potential leatherboy has asked me, where do I start I had to guide them to a dozen publications and even then the information was incomplete. Now the answer is simple, The leatherboy Handbook! This book is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the “boy subculture”. Vincent Andrews draws on his own experiences in the leather community as well as some of the best source material available to create what will surely become the companion volume to Larry Townsend’s Leatherman’s Handbook.

In a clear and concise voice with numerous references, “boy vince” has created a goldmine for the budding leatherboy, no matter what his gender. Most importantly, this book explains much of the “why” behind the boy experience, and that is the key to its value. I heartily recommend this book for both boys and Daddys, subs and Doms. It is a good read and a requisite for any leather/kink library.

Hardy Haberman

The actual mechanics of much of BDSM---otherwise known as S&M or leather---is well-documented in numerous how-to books, various movies, and numerous novels. It is often seen as kinky sex, and is commonly portrayed as involving skin-tight black leather clothing, chains, ropes, and nude or semi-nude participants writhing in delicious erotic ecstasy while being flogged or whipped by domineering "masters" and "mistresses". 
      And maybe this is what it is to many of the people involved. And, in fact, it doesn't really sound half bad. 
     But there's much more to it than this. In reality there are wants, needs, and hungers being explored and satisfied by BDSM participants which often they aren't even aware of themselves. 
     "This Curious Human Phenomenon" looks under the hood to find out what's really going on, at why people "do" BDSM, at what makes it so enticing, at what needs it meets, and at why these can't readily be met elsewhere. 
      This is not a how-to book. Instead, it is designed to be a bridge to understanding for people who want to take their BDSM to that mythical "next step". 
It’s easier to live in harmony when you know yourself and the person you’re living with. Not “know” as in, “Why, hi, I’m Bob, glad to know you, want to live with me?” But more like “know” as in you’ve spent quality time and effort to figure out how you and your partner think (process information) and react to a wide range of (often unobvious) challenges.
     Most of this book offers things to think/talk about that may not have occurred to you. That’s because we’re usually blind to the ways we’ve been brought up; we don’t often think about how we think and we don’t often challenge our own beliefs. Friction arises from these areas of invisibility. Once the veil is lifted, and once you realize how you’ve been controlled and influenced by your personal upbringing, you’re in the enviable position of being empowered to choose to stay that way or to change. All change will affect your relationship. These changes, themselves, may well improve your relationship(s) to the point that more heavy-duty “problem-solving” techniques are unneeded.
     In my view, it’s so important for you try on      In my view, it’s so important for you try on your new self (and your new understanding of your partner) that the serious discussion of actual issue-solving strategies doesn’t even begin until Chapter Seven; if your concerns and upsets hang on to you through Chapter Six, we throw the kitchen sink at them in the final two chapters.
Make your communication tool kit as complete as your toy bag:
     · Tips for getting on the same page with your partner
     · Methods of communicating during emotional upsets
     · Adding skills for clear and consistent communication
     · Connecting better with your partner
     · Exploring how you think, in order to learn how you communicate
     · Tools for communicating more smoothly with your slave or Master
     This book covers techniques from many disciplines and many communication theorists to produce a practical work, jammed with tips and techniques for improving communication and problem resolution within a relationship ─ whether a Master/slave or a Dominant/submissive structure.
Master/slave Relations: Handbook of Theory and Practice
by Robert J. Rubel, PhDl, PhD
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-887895-63-7
Protocols: Handbook for the female slave
by Robert Rubel, PhD
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-887895-12-5
Protocol Handbook for the Leather Slave: Theory and Practice
by Robert J. Rubel, PhD
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-887895-15-6
How to Capture a Mistress
by Karen Martin
Price: $19.95
Paperback 156
ISBN: 978-1-887895-75-0

This book is for Masters. This book is for established Masters who are curious about what someone could possibly write on the subject they know so well. This book is also for those relatively new to the BDSM Lifestyle who are finding themselves called to Mastery.
     In many ways, this is a companion book to my book on Master/slave protocols; this book covers the more general topic of Master/slave relations – how they often evolve and how to avoid some problems that can crop up in the early stages. We review ways that Master/slave (M/s) relationships differ from Dominant/submissive (D/s) or Top/bottom relationships, we discuss contracts and collars, and consider various ways of finding a slave and starting such a relationship. After considering what each person can bring to a relationship to help make it work, we suggest some tips for negotiating the relationship and provide examples of contracts. We discuss the care and feeding of the M/s relationship once it’s underway, including how to keep an M/s relationship working and some suggestions about working on them if they start to falter.

This book touches on topics such as:

  •      Who are you, as a Master?
  •      What do you want in a slave?
  •      What do you bring to the table?
  •      What do you want your slave to bring to the table?
  •      What roles do each of you intend to play in the relationship?
  •      How can you nurture an existing M/s relationship?
  •      What about love in an M/s relationship?
  •      What if the relationship doesn’t work out?
  •      How have you constructed your Leather Household?
  •      What expectations do you hold about your Family and its public behavior?
  •      How would you go about finding a slave candidate?
Note: this book carries the same content as Protocol Handbook for the Leather slave but is written assuming that the slave is female. The other book is gender-neutral.
Protocols have to be desigend by each Master for his/her slave.  Protocols are what makes a relationship special.  This book is intended to provide examples, ideas and discussion points to those who follow – or would like to follow – the calling to live in a modern-day Master/slave Leather relationship.


How to Capture a Mistress is a light-hearted, but aggressive approach, to mining that rare jewel, a Dominant Lady of quality, and figuring out what to do once you’ve found her.  It will take time and dedication, but those special ladies are waiting to treasure, lead, play and discipline as necessary. This book is written for submissive men who are having trouble figuring out how to find a dominant female who is not simply a bitch.  An entire plan of action is spelled out.

How to Capture a Mistress addresses such topics as:

  •      Basics of Kinky Play
  •      Basics of playing with Power
  •     Dispelling myths about a Mistress
  •      Getting along with a Mistress
  •      Retooling your skills
  •      Recognizing when she isn’t the Mistress for you
  •     Edging above the competition
  • Petitions, contracts and collars
Manual Creation: Defining the Structure of an M/s Household
by Machele Kindle (Master Fire)
Price: $19.95
Paperback 219 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-80-4
The Path of Service: Guideposts for Excellence
by Christina "slavette" Parker
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-887895-14-4
Mistress Allure's Guide to Forbidden Eroticism for Adventurous Couples
by Mistress Allure & Her Consort Dimitri as told to Lawrence Elliot
BDSM Primer
by Ralph White
Price: $19.95
Paperback: 207 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-56-9
Master Fire has written an intimate and revealing look into her personal life as a Master. She has deliciously chronicled her thoughts and actions on Mastery and consensual slavery.  Every aspect of slave management and life is addressed; from finances to protocols.  She lists her thoughts and rationales for her actions as well as how she wants her needs and preferences addressed by those who serve her.
     The book reads like a long conversation with a good friend. Each chapter reveals more meat to flesh out the author's standards of slave management.  Master Fire is open and honest in her self appraisal as well as in her views of slavery and service.  Her uniquely feminine spirit is present throughout the book and adds a well flavored insight into a
Master's and woman's heart.
     This book is a must for all connoisseurs of modern day Mastery and slavery and I believe it is destined to become a classic.  I highly recommend this work for folks new to the lifestyle as a prototype of lifestyle development.  I equally recommend this book to well established leather folk as both a reference guide and a bright mirror with which to look into our own lives.
This 8 1/2" X 11" spiral bound book is for the use of slaves who wish to perfect their life by daily, weekly and monthly written exercises. The assignments are thoughtful and provoking and lead the novice into a higher understanding of the slave culture.

     Life is a journey of heart and spirit. The learning process is one of finding our own special and unique role. The hard part of the journey is then deciding either to live up to what our spirit tells us we are or to live a lesser life. Slavette has courageously chosen to make the leap and live her legitimate life.

     Slavette's view of service and slavery as a journey is the "real deal.” Her book is a guide for getting to know your own heart and spirit in service. The writing assignments allow you to privately explore aspects of service as well as the reaction of your own heart. They also make excellent topics for discussion in development sessions.

“Spellbinding! HOT! Grabbed my attention & tied me up for days!”
-- Raven Touchstone

"Mistress Allure blind-folded us, tied us up, made us kiss her feet and used sex toys on us we'd never used before -- and then she just blew us away! If you want to spice-up a boring sex life or create an entirely new lifestyle of sensual magic, you've gotta read her book!"

-- www.mikeyandmandy.com

"Curious couples are 'bound' to be enlightened...Enjoy, I did!"

-- Seymore Butts
Director, Porn Star and Star of Showtime's Family Business

With the proliferation of the Internet into our lives, there is an explosion of people wanting to find out about the BDSM lifestyle and culture. They turn to the net because they can do so without their wife, husband, boss, neighbor, etc. finding out about their kinky interests. To be sure, there is a wealth of information on the internet, and some of it is actually correct too!
     The key problem with using the Internet as a source for information is that what you are reading is often incomplete or not balanced. The author of the information is providing what he/she believes to be correct, but does not make an effort to say: "There are other opinions." The Internet has created a whole sub-culture inside of the BDSM lifestyle. There are just some things that you can't do on-line that you can do in real life. For example, in real life a slave might avoid eye contact to show deference and respect. You can't do that on-line, or you can't read the screen. So, in the on-line world, we use conventions like capitalizing dominant's names and not capitalizing submissive's names. If a person's only experience is on-line, they assume that this is a "rule" that everyone knows and follows. … It isn't! There are as many combinations of "rules" as there are people to make them, and not one is universal. In this volume, Ralph White strives to present not only his point-of-view, but other views to which he doesn't necessarily subscribe. The overriding principle in his book is: "If it works for you, it is okay for you."