Ron Ehemann lives in Chicago, Illinois. Ron likes to say he’s surfed the cultural wave. Born into an “Ozzie and Harriet” family, he was active in the Boy Scouts, Sons of the American Legion and his church youth group.
     Ron matriculated at Northern Illinois University in 1968 and as we all know, 1969 was the “Summer of Love.” Viet Nam followed and with it, Ron’s development as a peace activist. Though he earned the distinction of being the first student to drop out of ROTC at NIU, he managed to avoid the draft in an unusual way; Ron became a police officer.
     In 1972, at the start of the Gay Rights Movement, the author moved to Chicago to attend law school and immediately became active in the community. As it’s Assistant Editor, the author helped found and establish Gay Chicago Magazine, which continues in publication today.
     Ron Ehemann graduated from Chicago Kent College of Law and immediately entered private practice as Chicago’s first openly gay attorney. Virtually overnight his practice grew to include many of that city’s gay bars, organizations and businesses.
     After several years as a litigator, the author left his private practice of law.
     For the past twenty-five years, the author has been a prominent member of the “Renslow Family”, a communal group of men and women, straight and gay people who have bonded for life. Ron is raising two boys, ages seven and eleven and lives with them in a very large home which he shares with Chuck and the rest of the Renslow Family, along with several dogs, cats, turtles, fish and what ever other animals his boys bring home.
     Quality travel is his passion.

Out of Body
by Ron Ehemann
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-28-6

Out Of Body has been called a gay Ground Hog Day because Chadwick’s life keeps starting over and over but that’s where the comparison ends. There are two contradistinctions with that movie. First, each day in Chadwick’s life is vastly different from the prior day, and; unlike Ground Hog Day, nothing in Out Of Body is funny.”
     "Written in the first person, Out Of Body reads more like Oprah’s hot potato pick, A Million Little Pieces. It is just as controversial as that best seller; just as raw and abrasive. Out Of Body takes its readers into private places. Places we sometimes feel we weren’t supposed to be.”
     “Out Of Body has the look and feel of pornography, but it’s definitely not. You will find plenty of sex in the text, but it feels more authentic than pornography; more authoritative.
     “This book is real. It will rub you emotionally raw. It will leave you with more questions than answers. And; it will entertain.”