Since I began writing in June of 2005, it has become a passion. My obsession with reading changed to writing and I have learned so much thanks to so many. The only problem of course, is knowing I have so much yet to learn. I grew up in a small town surrounded by cornfields. Alpha, IL, population... a whopping 726 to date. Since then I have lived in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Mississippi, and have finally landed in Alabama. Don't let the name fool you, I'm of Irish descent, and a red blooded guy like any other.... who just happens to be gay. While Alpha may be lovely town, you might now understand my penchant for escape. I hope the best for you all. Thank you for reading. Blessed Be!
Earth Reborn
by Shannon Rae
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 197 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-76-7

The Thorens have come to the world and released a deadly virus which kills all women and genetically alters the men to serve their lustful and nefarious desires.
     Khore is approaching his 1600th birthday, and will finally be an adult in the eyes of his village.  He and his lover, Vale, sneak away from the village for love's embrace only to wake to find they have been betrayed.  Their village, Vale, Khore's unborn child, and his entire world are in ruins.
     There is hope... Even though he is captured and taken onto the Thoren sphere, ancient hidden bloodlines emerge from the shadows and a new life begins.  The future of mankind is at state, and so is his life.  The question now, is who is the bigger threat.  The creature Khore has become?  The Thoren that have captured him?  Or the unknown evil racing toward their planet?