The author Theivandran was born in Sri Lanka and migrated to the USA in the early seventies to complete his higher education. Newton finished his high school education in Sri Lanka under the British system, completed his under graduate work in India, and his masters in the USA. While living in India he studied the Indian classics Ramayana and the Hindu thought. In the USA he explored the Christian thought. He taught high school math for 36 years in the USA, around the east and west coast cities. He has travelled extensive around most of the world. In the mid eighties he was diagnosed with Aids and is a long term survivor. The discrimination against homosexuals in this country promoted him to weave this story. He is writing under his maternal family name-Theivandran (gift of Gods).
Journey Home
by Thievandran
Price: $12.95
Paperback: 97 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-89-7

This is a fictional story mingled with historical facts and religious philosophies of the Eastern Indian World. Certain Indian religious teachers-gurus believe that the human soul is an entity that is in its own quest to find peace. The main character is a mixed breed homosexual man, who feels like he has been banished from his own life, this society and world. He is seeking to find where he belongs. He ventures on a journey that the universe plans for him to find his home. His trip back to his birth country leads him in self discovery of his soul’s desire and the fatal error he had committed in one of his previous lives. Now after glancing into his past lives and the pain that he had experienced, he is ready to rectify his karma and enter his home.