Will grew up on the Jersey shore where every summer was spent mostly on the beech reading, swimming and fantasizing about the hot men at the gay beach in Belmar. He works in the theatre and writes for his own amusement taking as inspiration the work of Cavello, C. S. White, and of course Greasetank along with all the countless movies watched on Saturday afternoons with suffering bare chested heroes. William is interested in the psychology behind the torment of his imaginary victims and likes historic and exotic settings. He currently lives in New York.

Strip Him!
by Will Scott
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 173
ISBN: 978-1-887895-96-5

Strip Him! is based on the suffering of bare chested heroes that Will Scott fascinated about from the inspirational works of Cavello, C. S. White, and Greasetank. The torment of victims in exotic settings is what makes Strip Him! a psychological thriller.  Strip Him! is Will Scotts first and probably not his last collection of BDSM gay stories